Fruit collectors VIBRO

Fruit collectors VIBRO


  • possibility to attach to all types of tractors

  • individual hydraulic circuits

  • shaking arm revolving around axis

  • regulation of the jaw pressure

  • hydraulic rotation of the swing arm

  • hydraulic lifting and lowering of the swing arm

  • electrohydraulic control

  • remote control of the shaking arm

  • own hydraulics driven by cardan shaft

The machine is used mainly for picking stone fruit, but also other fruit – cherries, sour cherries, plums, apples, apricots, and nuts. Its construction consists of main frame, conveyor with collecting canvas and vibratory arm. On the frame there is hydraulics composed of individual tank with filtration, transmission with hydroelectric generator, control and regulatory elements and a blower. Conveyor with collecting canvas and cleaning device is attached to the frame. The revolving arm is located on the upper part of the frame. The vibration device is suspended on the revolving arm.


  • Length/width/height/mm – 7600/2350/2000
  • Weight – 950 kg
  • Machine output – ca. 60 trees/hour
  • Maximum diameter of trunk – 300 mm
  • Size of the collecting canvas  – 6 x 6 m
  • Necessary pulling device – from 50 kW

The picking process is based on the transmission of vibrations of the vibration arm on the tree. The arm is controlled by remote control – rotation, lifting and lowering, attaching the tree, vibration. The pressure of the jaws is adjustable. Fruit which fell down is transported to the modular conveyor on the collecting canvas. On the output of the conveyor the fruit is cleaned from impurities by flow of air and then it falls to the collecting containers.